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All Seasons Orchestra

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ASOvirtual Recording Project
Purple Heights

Welcome to the ASOvirtual Orchestra Mini Recording Project! 

'Purple Heights' copyright © Catherine E. Holbrook, 2019
You are invited to join us in recording this lovely piece. It’s quite short and not particularly difficult and would be a really good piece to start with if you’ve not played much (or at all) through the pandemic.
‘Purple Heights’ was originally composed by the Yorkshire composer William Baines (1899-1922) who primarily wrote for solo piano. He was born in Horbury in West Yorkshire and moved to York in 1917 where he began his career as a solo pianist often performing his own works.
Catherine discovered and initially orchestrated the piece for flexible orchestra in 2008.

Project Overview

Step 1

Download Your Music Part(s)

Step 2

Use the Guide Videos to rehearse your part(s).

Step 3

Record Yourself!

Step 4

Email Your Recording(s) to Samantha by Monday 5 July

Sheet Music

This is where we will place your part(s) when they are ready.

Copyright Notice

Participants in the All Seasons Orchestra ‘Purple Heights’ Virtual Orchestra Recording Project (2021) are authorised to use this music for the purposes of the project and for the duration of the project.
Any duplication, adaptation, arranging, performance and/or transmission of this copyrighted music beyond that stated above requires the additional written consent of the composer and copyright owner.
Copyright © 2008, 2021 Catherine E. Holbrook.
All Rights Reserved.

Recording Instructions

Please read the instructions below carefully!

Recording Devices & Settings
You will need two devices:
  • Device 1 (e.g. Laptop, tablet, iPad) to play the guide video through your headphone
  • Device 2 (e.g. smartphone) to record yourself playing along with the guide video. 
Please record your part in LANDSCAPE (horizontal) mode and start recording yourself playing from the beginning (with tuning) to the end of the guide video.
Please smile and look friendly when you are not playing during the rests. 
Lighting and Background
Make sure that both your face and instrument are well lit. Avoid recording with a window behind you as the sunlight could obscure your features.
Make sure your background is tidy and uncluttered. Remove any personal information from your background.
Reducing Disturbance
Please keep extraneous noises to a minimum in your recording. Whenever possible, record in a room with the doors and windows closed. 
Take off rings and other jewellery that might knock against your instrument or music stand. 
Try to have the music opened out completely so that you won’t make page turn noises or distracting movements.
Video Submission
Once you are happy with your recording(s), please send your final video(s) to Samantha at Please note that the final deadline for video submission is Monday 5 July, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, everyone is welcome! Just follow the instructions on this page and use the guide video(s) to help you.

Absolutely! As many as you like 🙂

Dark bottom and a bright colour top, but please avoid wearing busy patterns.





Please contact Samantha at and she will be able to advise/help you.

Get in touch!

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