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Opportunities To Get More Involved

Firstly, thank you for being part of ASO, whatever part you play, however big or small you feel your contribution is, your presence among us enriches the experience for all of us.

This page exists for those of you who are feeling like you'd maybe like to be a bit more involved but are not quite sure what the options are, how you could help, or are a bit tentative about offering because you don't want to get lumbered with a rubbish job and feel put upon forever. So to start with let's just clear up the latter issue: here at ASO we don't ever want you to feel burdened by roles or like you have to do excessive amounts of anything you don't want to.

At ASO we want you to join in because you want to.

We are currently looking for new committee members and volunteers to help serve tea and coffee.

A number of long standing members of the committee are constitutionally obliged to stand down in October so we are looking to recruit new members now for a smooth handover.

For more information about these roles
or to express an interest in getting more involved in the life of the orchestra
please email
So there are some ideas of the opportunities that are available to you at ASO.

We really are a very sociable organisation and we thrive when everyone mucks in and does what they can to help out, so thank you to each of you for every single way that you contribute to the life and soul of the orchestra.

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